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Beyond the Law of Attraction: the most effective technique to manifest the life of your dreams

Your mind is a super computer capable of "learning" new things… without you, the person, ever having to "learn" anything. Because it’s not your "conscious mind" that’s manifesting what you are and have. It’s a part of your mind that most people will never directly access, no matter how much they "learn" in school, seminars or books.

But there’s actually a way to access this part of your mind, where you automatically create your reality… and easily reprogram it:

First of all, it’s important to understand why "learning" from books, tutors, masters and teachers never works for most people.

"Learning" is the worst thing you can ever do, if you want to deliberately and effortlessly change your life. Because it isn't your "smarts" that creates or manifests anything in your life. In fact, your intelligence, or what "you think you know", gets in the way of letting in, what you’re asking the Universe for (watch the video).

How many times in the last 5 minutes did you intend for something better, like more money, only to immediately think about and talk about what you don’t want? Now, if you’re like most people, it’s hard to take your attention away from the circumstances you don’t want. That’s because your subconscious CAN’T let you focus on what you want.

Your subconscious is programmed to force your attention to "see" what "it" wants you to see. It’s like a super computer with a big problem: it’s being run by old software. Software that hasn’t been updated, with the right programming, since you were born.

Your subconscious is the noise in your head that won’t let you think about the thoughts you want to think about.

Subconscious mind

The latest in quantum physics teaches us that your reality is created, with your attention

Your attention is what turns those sub-atomic particles our reality is made of, into everything you have in your life right now (watch the video). Now, you’re probably wondering…

"If my attention creates my reality, why can’t I just think about money and make it magically appear?"

Because it’s critical to know why your attention is actually creating everything you don't want, right now. And once you get this, you’ll never again wonder, "Why doesn’t this stupid manifestation stuff work???"

The reality you have been living with in the past (and you are still living with now) is based on 3 things:

  1. The story you're telling (yourself and other people).
  2. Your limiting beliefs.
  3. Your judgements (and more so, your fear of consequences).

These 3 things are what direct your attention. That’s what your subconscious is. We call these 3 things "The Editor".

The Editor is your subconscious programming. And no matter how much awesome new information you "learn", The Editor, well… edits that information, and limits what you can do, by keeping your attention distracted by what is. Thus manifesting more of what is.

That’s why you’re NOT here to "learn" how to manifest. Instead, you are here to start reprogramming The Editor, so that you can easily and openly live in your natural state of unlimited abundance:

Believe it or not, it's actually easy to directly access The Editor, and "update its software". In fact, you just need a simple pair of headphones, to access it via the Theta tone, the specific brainwave that acts like a portal to "speak" directly with your subconscious mind.

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