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The Lost Ways 2 Detailed Review

Are you a prepper or a survivalist looking to prepare yourself for any major catastrophes that may come your way? If so, The Lost Ways by Claude Davis is the ultimate prepper’s guide that you need. With 350 pages of content related to prepping and survival, this guide will help you keep your family safe and secure during times of uncertainty. 

Additionally, the book is designed with a simple and accessible language, making it easy to understand. 

You'll find comprehensive discussion of topics related to food preservation, water storage, and other essential survival techniques.

So, if you’re ready to gain the knowledge and confidence necessary for surviving any disaster, read on to learn more about The Lost Ways.


The Lost Ways is the ultimate survival guide, written by Claude Davis, designed to give preppers the tools and techniques they need to be better prepared for any potential disaster. 

The Lost Ways 2 Book

In this guide, Claude Davis shares his knowledge and experience in a variety of survival and prepping topics, ranging from skills such as primitive fire-building to food storage, to tips on dealing with post-disaster medical issues.

The Lost Ways is not only a great resource for preppers, but also a must-have survival guide for anyone who wants to learn the basics of survival skills.

As a comprehensive guide, it covers all the essential topics, from how to set up an emergency shelter, to knowing how to construct a safe and dependable water source. It also includes valuable information on various disaster scenarios, such as natural disasters, extreme weather conditions, and economic disasters, as well as practical tips on how to survive each of these.

The book is divided into three sections: Building Food and Shelter, Wilderness Skills, and Emergency Preparedness. 

Each section covers topics in detail, providing readers with the knowledge needed to survive in different environments or conditions. 

The book also includes other helpful information such as the importance of maintaining a healthy diet, the basics of homesteading, and important facts about self-defense weapons.

The Lost Ways is an excellent survival guide for preppers and seasoned survivalists alike, as it gives readers everything they need to know to stay alive in any kind of situation.

Claude Davis’s expertise in survival makes this guide invaluable, and his vast knowledge and experience of survival situations make it a must-have resource for any prepper.

Who is this book for?

The Lost Ways, written by Claude Davis, is an invaluable resource for any prepper looking to ensure their readiness for any emergency situation.

The book is designed to provide readers with the knowledge, insights, and techniques to be prepared for nearly any eventuality. 

It serves as a comprehensive survival guide for preppers that covers a wide range of topics and includes advice on such topics as how to build a rudimental shelter, how to identify and store food that will last long-term, and how to stock a first-aid kit.

The Lost Ways is particularly useful for those who want to make sure they are prepared for the most likely scenarios they may face in emergency situations.

From natural disasters and economic collapses to power outages and pandemics, the book covers an extensive array of topics that can help create a comprehensive plan for emergency preparedness.

In addition to providing comprehensive instructions on how to prepare for emergency situations, The Lost Ways also offers invaluable insight into preppers' self-reliance and survival strategies.

The book contains advice on topics such as foraging for edible plants, making self-made weapons and tools, and building solar-powered ovens.

For those who are eager to ensure their self-sufficiency in emergency situations, The Lost Ways is an essential resource.

The Lost Ways is an invaluable resource for anyone interested in becoming better-prepared for any emergency situation.

Whether you are a beginner prepper or a seasoned veteran, the book is sure to provide you with the information, tips, and advice to improve your chances of surviving and thriving in any emergency situation.


The Lost Ways by Claude Davis provides the ultimate preppers survival guide that has inspired thousands of people around the world. 

survival man is making camp fire in the winter woods

It was written to provide an in-depth exploration of traditional survival techniques and the importance of preparedness. It has been praised by those who have read it and has become a trusted source of information and guidance when it comes to preparing for difficult times.

The book provides invaluable knowledge that is both simplistic and easy to follow. It covers various topics including food and water storage, health protection and first aid, finding shelter, communication, and morale boosting activities, food preparation and cooking, and more.

It also provides detailed instructions for how to build your own effective and efficient shelters, as well as which items you should prioritize.

The Lost Ways is filled with vital information that all preppers should be familiar with and are likely to find incredibly useful. It covers a huge range of topics, from what to stockpile and where to find resources, to how to hunt and fish sustainably and the importance of self-defense. 

It also provides step-by-step instructions for how to make sure you are prepared to face a sudden emergency, including how to start a fire, build a shelter, locate edible plants and mushrooms and purify water.

One of the main benefits of The Lost Ways is that it provides a comprehensive understanding of the various aspects of prepping and what to do in a variety of possible situations.

It also helps to cultivate a mindset of independence and self-reliance, which is essential when it comes to surviving in a crisis or disaster. It also provides detailed information on navigating the wilderness, including how to make a map, read a compass, build a raft and trap wildlife.

The Lost Ways is more than just a survival guide – it is an inspiring tale of resilience and courage. It is an invaluable resource for preppers and those interested in learning how to prepare for uncertain times and thrive in the face of adversity.

Pros & Cons

The Lost Ways is a book written by author Claude Davis which provides a comprehensive guide to prepping for any situation.

The Lost Ways survival manual

The book covers a wide range of topics, from food and water storage to home defense, and is an invaluable resource for preppers and survivalists.


  • Comprehensive coverage of all the topics that a prepper needs to be aware of.
  • All topics are discussed in a clear and concise manner, making it easier to understand and apply.
  • Includes information on traditional survival techniques as well as modern ones.
  • Contains valuable advice on creating a survival mindset and having the right attitude during a crisis.
  • Full of inspiring stories and real-life examples to motivate readers to become better preppers.


  • Some of the information is too advanced for beginners and can be difficult to understand.
  • The amount of information included in this guide may appear as overwhelming to some people.


In conclusion, The Lost Ways is a great resource for anyone who is looking to be more prepared for whatever the future may bring. 

This guide offers practical advice on everything from basics of food storage and medical supplies, to how to construct improvised shelters and weapons. It is highly recommended for anyone interested in becoming more self-reliant.

The overall content is well researched and presented in an easy to understand manner that makes it accessible to anyone, regardless of experience level.

There are some drawbacks that include the cost of the book and the lack of depth in certain areas, however, these can be overcome with further research or alternative sources.

All in all, The Lost Ways is an excellent resource for the would-be survivor or prepper, and one that should not be discounted.

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