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All the wealth you could ever imagine ALREADY exists within The Unified Field

In today’s fast-paced world, we juggle hectic lifestyles and irregular schedules, which completely turn our lives haywire. That is exactly what happened to me – before I realized what was happening, I was buried in unpaid bills and my bank account was in dire straits. A friend told me about the concept of “natural state of abundance” and The Wealth Compass Program (which uses Theta Brainwaves), and how it could help me land on my feet. I was skeptical, but once I tried it, the benefits were significant and allowed me to make much-needed changes in life.

Here are some pointers that I found to be useful, while embarking on this amazing journey:

  • Don't focus solely on the literal expression of abundance, i.e. money, big ticket items. Yes, The Wealth Compass does improve your financial situation over time, but qualifying the worth of something solely through a monetary filter will often keep you from the experience of feeling abundant. That is why I focused on what it means to be receptive to goodness and abundance in my life.
  • I decided my own limits – once my mind was made up, I felt more at peace and clearly chalked out what I wanted from life. It doesn’t mean you have to zero in on a scarcity mentality though.
  • Steer clear from media definitions and others definitions of what you need to be happy. The bigger, better, faster more crowds definition often is one based on entitlement and comparison more than a true connection with what makes you (and only you can know) happy.
  • Practice daily gratitude for what you do have, remind yourself regularly and daily of these overflowing non-conditional goodness in your life.
  • When you have feelings of unworthiness don't ignore them. Instead acknowledge them and make an agreement with your better self to set them aside while you visualize your desires and dreams. To tap into the natural state of abundance it is necessary to overcome those emotions.
  • Your body doesn't know the difference between imagination and actuality. Feeling it with your five senses and with your heart freely and clearly will help you materialize it in the outside world. The Wealth Compass has let me explore this aspect in a wonderful manner.

Last but not least, I make a daily practice of opening to the experience of receiving abundance, so you too should keep an active checklist of what the Universe has provided since honoring your practice. The Wealth Compass will allow you to find “unlimited abundance”. Go ahead and try it:

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